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18:56 6 August, 2014

A blank screen. Yikes!

Writing a blog….. “A great idea”, I said to our web designer. “I would love to”! What was I thinking.

Will anybody even read this? Will it just sit in cyberspace somewhere, without ever receiving a single click?

What am I going to write about? Will this be a task that I regretfully add to my endless “things to do” list? Or perhaps evolve to be something that brings me joy? Or, maybe land somewhere in the middle.

My hope for this blog, is that I can share funny stories of life behind the counter @ The Bagelry. Maybe a favorite recipe, or even some party planning tips.

Working in the food business has been my passion for many years. I enjoy the many creative outlets… marketing, catering, retailing, and so on… Always something to create.

But what I enjoy the most, is the daily interaction I have with my customers & the general public. I have met so many great people over the years.

I look forward to sharing little thoughts and stories from my life in the Bagel business. Some of them, are beyond belief.

I call them, “Bagel Bites”

That wasn’t so bad.

Until next time,

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The Bagelry in Silver Spring is a Maryland bagel shop that features a cafe setting and carryout deli as well as a bakery filled with an assortment of traditional deli classics, fresh baked breads and desserts. Our catering services in Maryland deliver in the Baltimore Washington Metro area and offer a comprehensive catering menu that accommodates events from bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs to corporate meetings, shiva houses and more.

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